Keep it Simple. Keep it Honest. Keep it Real.

Keep it Simple. Keep it honest. keep it real.

The Story of What is Real?

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Netta Hadari, Founder of What Is Real?


Trained as a classical violinist from a young age, Netta has toured the world to critical acclaim as a performer and currently enjoys an active creative career as a musician and educator. He strives to create beauty in the world and to make meaningful connections through his music and teaching. His drive for excellence, his search for the extraordinary, and his constant pursuit of creating an exceptional experience for his audiences are all qualities he cultivated as a violinist and now also radiates into creating ice cream.

His goal is to make the best ice cream in the most sustainable, thoughtful way with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

After countless experiments in the kitchen and over two years of research and development, Netta launched What is Real? Ice Cream in the summer of 2017. Netta takes a no-nonsense, rigorous approach to cooking and creating, using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, in order to deliver scoop after scoop of pure joy from his hand-built customized ice cream tricycle.

Born to Israeli parents, Netta spent his childhood in London and Cape Town. Since 1997, he calls New Haven, Connecticut home, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. 


A Note from NETTA:

As an artist, educator, father, husband, and creative optimist, I am in constant search for moments of REAL.

For me, REAL means:

more moments of vulnerability and understanding,

             more genuine smiles and laughter,

                              more time to explore the world alongside my children's endless curiosity,

                                              and more inspiration - the kind that accompanies dreams realized through sweat, toil, and tears.


So after countless hours of experimentation, joy, frustration, and love, I bring you What is REAL? Ice Cream - 100% natural ice cream, hand-crafted with care, from me to you with no artificial anything. Ice cream meant to connect and bring us closer to moments of REAL.

- Netta Hadari, Founder and Owner of What is REAL? Ice Cream


Today I bought a pint of Netta's Coffeelicious and had a scoop with lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. It is other-worldly.  

Someone rent this guy a shop so we can enjoy it year-round!

/ - Nina, New Haven, CT /