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Keep it Simple. Keep it honest. keep it real.

What is Real? Testimonials


Oh my goodness. This is the real deal. Pure ingredients that you can taste in every bite. All three of the flavors I tried are beyond delicious. Netta is making ice cream out of love and joy, and you can taste that.

/ -RENA, Hamden, CT  /


Best ice cream in New Haven, and we have some good ice cream shops. His strawberry puts the rest to shame--it's incredible! Also highly recommend the banana and dulce de leche. Netta is charming and fun to chat with as he's scooping up your bowl. 

/  -D A, New Haven, CT  /


"Quite literally THE BEST ice cream I've ever had! Thank you Netta!  Once you've had Netta's ice cream, you'll never look at it the same way again

/  -KellyAnn, Woodbridge, CT  /


"Don't buy it because it's local, BUY IT BECAUSE IS THE BEST!!! We've tried many other ice creams shops in town, in Brooklyn, in the city, and many brands, and this beats them all. Best Vanilla flavor, it's mouth watering. Dulce de Leche is amazing too.

/  -Max, Hamden, CT  /